Sakae Rhythm Trilogy Series
18×14 Bass Drum
10×7 Tom
12×8 Tom
14×14 Floor Tom
14×6.5 Mahogany Snare Drum

DW Jazz Series
18×14 Bass Drum
10×8 Tom
14×12 Floor Tom
14×7 Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Snare Drum
14×5.5 Sonor Delite Solid Brass Snare Drum

Cymbals: (All Zildjian)
22″ K Dry Complex Ride with 1 Rivet
22″ K Constantinople Over Hammered Ride
22″ K Constantinople Sound Lab Prototype Ride with 3 Rivets
22″ K Constantinople Medium-Thin High Ride
16″ A Custom Fast Crash
14″ K Constantinople Hi-Hats

Yamaha Lightweight Hardware

Sticks and Brushes (Exclusively Vic Firth)
SHM, SPE3, AJ4, AJ2, T3, HB, TW12


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